Delegations of Stanford-CCG Group Attends Creative Training Program in Hanhai Studio

October 5th, 2015

Stanford CCG Delegation visited Hanhai Studio and participated in a three-day creative business training program. Led by Hanhai Studio, they discussed China-Hollywood creative co-production issues with guest speakers after field visits to Hollywood film and television studios.

Besides that, through the connection between Hanhai Studio and Hollywood, CCG Delegates experienced advanced virtual reality technology and creative production products.

They visited major Hollywood animation and film studios, experienced virtual reality technology and learned various media works which are combinations of Hollywood high technology and art.

“During this visit, we have gained lots of valuable information, including operation process in US-based creative production companies, venture and investment returns, efficient advertising and the future of co-production between China and Hollywood“,CCG Delegate said. “After experiencing products from high technology and creative production, we figure out the giant potential behind creative production industry, and we do believe it will approach the next level shortly”.