Delegations of Huairou District from Beijing Visits the City of Burbank in California

With the introduction of Hanhai Studio, Delegation of officials from Huairou District, Beijing, was invited by the Burbank city government to visit the city. Hanhai Studio plays an important role in helping these two cities build friendship. During the visit, city officials have discussed the potential cooperation opportunities in economy, cultural, and education between Burbank and Huairou.

To promote the communication between China and US creative industries, Burbank city government invited the delegations from Huairou, Beijing to visit the city on December 11th, 2015. As “The Media Capital of the World”, Burbank is home to many world famous studios and media companies. The delegations first visited Hanhai Studio, which located across the street from the Burbank City Hall.   Hanhai Studio is the first pioneering Hollywood-Chinese creative production and technology incubator in the U.S. It has been working on bridging the communications between American and Chinese creative industries. Hanhai Studio is a joint venture of Hanhai Zhiye Investment Management Group, Xinhua Mobile TV and Tsinghua University Planning and Design Institute for Creative Industries. Hanhai Studio is a part of Hanhaizhiye’s international community of high-tech incubation centers, including those located in San Jose, Burlingame, Boston, Toronto, Munich, and Vancouver. Hanhai Studio aims to connect China and North America through all channels. The delegation of Huairou, Beijing, highly praised the performance of Hanhai Studio and expect for more cooperation between US and China.

After visiting the studio, the delegations met with the City Manager, Mark Scott and Manager Assistant, Justin Hess at Burbank City Hall. Scott gave the delegations a warm welcome and introduced the city. Ren, the Vice District Director of Huairou, presented the traditional Chinese calligraphy as a gift to the City Manager. Scott sent Ren a crafted Disney watch and books about Burbank history. In the discussion, Ren talked about how to build up the friendship cities relationship between Huairou and Burbank can promote US-China cooperation in creative industries. As the “Capital of Films in China”, large film companies in China are all located in Huariou district. Scott also suggested that cooperating with Huairou district could bring success and unlimited opportunities.

The delegations from Huairou invited the Burbank City government and media companies to visit Huairou district and plan for further collaborations.