Delegations of Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area Visit Hanhai Studio

The delegations of Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area visited Hanhai Studio in Burbank, California on December 7th, 2015. Kelly Zhang, COO of Hanhai Studio, introduced the projects Hanhai has done and the general situation of cross-border creative industries between US and China.

Hanhai Studio is a joint venture of Hanhai Zhiye Investment Management Group, Xinhua Mobile TV and Tsinghua University Planning and Design Institute for Creative Industries. Hanhai Studio is a part of Hanhaizhiye’s international community of high-tech incubation centers, including those located in San Jose, Burlingame, Boston, Toronto, Munich, and Vancouver. With resources from all over the world, Hanhai Studio aims to connect China and North America through all channels.

As the first pioneering Hollywood-Chinese creative production and technology incubator in the U.S, we welcome every Chinese creative company to visit and learn about Hollywood’s creative business.

“It is not easy to create a China-US incubator in the U.S. The fact that Hanhai has successfully connected with Hollywood business’ resources is what we need to look up to” said one of the delegations.

A Q&A session was followed by Kelly’s speech. Delegations of Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area have expressed great interests in the incubator model Hanhai has been working on and are looking forward potential cooperation with Hanhai Studio in the future.

Hanhai Studio Screenplay Pitch Day

Contestants are from all over the world.  Seven scripts were selected to the final stage. The award-winning Hollywood mentors chose the top three writers, and awarded them with prizes sponsored by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

New stories have yet to emerge, waiting to be told and developed. Film scripts, as carriers of new stories, need to be polished by screenwriters and present more in-depth meanings to the audiences.

On December 4th, 2015, Hanhai Studio officially launched the first scriptwriter competition. The purpose of this competition is to guide and encourage more talented scriptwriters to actively participate in film production and development. Besides cash awards, the monthly winner will be directly promoted to final competition in Beijing.

There are seven scripts summited to this competition, the awards list is as below:

First Prize: Pink Slip by Gwyn Gilliss

Second Prize: O Amor by Candice Ding

Third Prize: Mary in the Gray by Cesare Joly

Honorable Mention: Lost and Found by Zilong Wang

The second prize winner Candice Ding is a Chinese student from UCSD. The judges recognized and highly appreciated her script, O Amor, and recommended it to Hollywood film studio.

“A good script, except for abundant imagination, must have concise language and comprehensive construction. When you are writing a script, you should not only consider the audiences, but also the producers and investors who are in charge of developing the whole project”, said Frederick Bailey.

This event was responded from all over the world since it has been launched by Hanhai Studio. Except for competitors from the United States, the others from Italy and Slovakia communicated with the professors through skype.

As the first creative production incubator in the United States, Hanhai Studio aims to provide more opportunities to filmmakers, connect film markets between China and Hollywood, promote the collaboration and explore excellent film talents by hosting this type of event.