LeTraining Education Group Delegation visits Hanhai Studio

In recent years with the development of the Internet, more and more small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises want to expand overseas markets.  These enterprises are seeking foreign talent, techniques and marketing tactics, with the intention of transformation.

On the afternoon of June 8th, a delegation from LeTraining Education Group, consisting of private enterprise owners, visited Hanhai Studio and had a discussion on the start-up ecosystem in Los Angeles with Lucy Liu, CEO of Hanhai Studio.

The delegation members are in the industries of home furnishings, construction design, private equity and equity investment.  The aim of their visit is to familiarize them with U.S. enterprises in the same industries and to seek opportunities for creative collaboration.

Lucy Liu first introduced the basic information and operational mode of Hanhai Studio.  Hanhai Studio has myriad industry resources experienced in global management and can provide U.S.-Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises with incubation services.  Hanhai Studio has also established a fund for investment in entertainment technology.

In the discussion, Lucy pointed out that Los Angeles has become the third largest start-up ecosystem in the U.S., following Silicon Valley and New York.

Global companies have opened new branches in Southern California.  Well-known universities like Cal Tech, USC and UCLA are also supporting start-up projects.  In addition, the government is promoting the development of start-up accumulation areas such as in Santa Monica, Downtown L.A., and Pasadena.

Lucy Liu mentioned that Hanhai Holdings, one of the shareholders of Hanhai Studio, has established incubation centers in the U.S., Canada, Germany and China in the past few years. It aims to build bridges to help small and medium-sized enterprises launch and scale their businesses.

A lot of delegation members said they want their companies to go global and are interested in co-operation with U.S. local business.  Hanhai Studio will pay close attention to the needs of both sides and build a communication and collaboration platform between the U.S. and China, linking talent, techniques, investment and projects together.