The world leader in visual computing NVIDIA joins Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival

Hanhai Studio and The Los Angeles Film School will together host the first annual Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival on December 1, 2016.

The General Manager of visual computing leader NVIDIA, Zvi Greenstein, is now confirmed to join the festival as a panelist.  He will participate in a deep discussion on the most cutting-edge film entertainment topics with senior management and seasoned experts in the entertainment technology industry.

NVIDIA is an American technology company based in Santa Clara, California, established in January 1993.   NVIDIA designs graphics processing units for the gaming market, as well as systems on chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market.  For more than two decades, NVIDIA has pioneered visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics.  Their work is at the center of the most consequential mega-trends in technology—virtual reality, artificial intelligence and self-driving cars.


Zvi Greenstein is the general manager of NVIDIA.  He has served for ten years at AMD as senior director of product management and business development.  Zvi is now General Manager in the GeForce Group, heading business development for Virtual Reality at NVIDIA.

There is more and more utilization of high-tech in the entertainment industry in recent years.  On one hand, traditional film companies such as Sony, 20th Century Fox, DMG Entertainment, Universal and Disney have started to venture into virtual reality, games and online publishing.  On the other hand, high-tech giants are also expanding their film and television, literature and animation lines.  They are trying to build a comprehensive business chain by crossover collaboration, linking content and channels together.

Hanhai Studio will host the Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival in December.  We will invite US-China experienced scholars, investors and entrepreneurs in the film and technology industry to engage in comprehensive discussions on the most up-to-date topics. We aim to create a communication platform for US-China film-tech companies and to bring more new products and ideas to the marketplace.

During the Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival, Hanhai Studio will host the 1st Entertainment Technology start-up competition.  Well-known fund management companies will invest in the winners of the competition.

We welcome start-ups in the industry of entertainment technology, artificial intelligence, big data and new material to participate in our competition. Please email your business proposals to  Thank you!