Hanhai Studio provides a cross-border acceleration program for North America’s outstanding entrepreneurial teams. The program connects teams with capital, industrial resources, and major companies in China. We facilitate the collaboration between US and Chinese companies, with an emphasis on expansion into China through market development and establishment of satellite offices.

Through this program, more than 30 startups have landed in China. Among them, one received a one-time grant of approximately 30 million RMB, while many have successfully accessed Chinese capital and cooperation from the industry.

ACE Program

The ACE program is a cross-border acceleration program for successful US companies to expand into the Chinese market.

Program Benefits:

  • Consultation services to develop Chinese market expansion plan
  • Market training
  • Resources identification and partnerships
  • Venture capital opportunities
  • Talent recruitment / acquisition
  • Office space facilitation
  • Cloud services
  • Government grants application assistance
  • Favorable public policy in Chengdu
  • Two-week acceleration trip to Chengdu in May 2018 (Flights and Accommodations)
  • Cultural activities / training

The 2018 US-Chengdu ACE Program

Developed in conjunction with the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the LA-Chengdu ACE Program looks to attract promising enterprises to Chengdu, China. Companies selected into the free cross-border acceleration program will be prepared to expand and establish presence in China. 

Chengdu, one of the most rapidly-developing tech cities in China, is also known as the Center of the Creative Industry for the region. Similar to the Los Angeles tech ecosystem, Chengdu has established software, games, animation, digital media, information technology, aviation, and other technological industries, making it an ideal destination for US companies to enter the Chinese market.

More information on application and qualifications

USME Program

The US Market Entry (USME) Program is designed for promising entertainment technology companies in China looking to enter the US market. As with the ACE Program, the USME Program prepares companies with market training, office space facilitation, resource partnerships, talent acquisition, and ancillary services to ensure a smooth transition of establishing a branch/satellite office in Los Angeles, home of world-renowned entertainment studios and facilities. The program is uniquely tailored to help companies succeed in the US market, and only offered to carefully-selected companies fitting program requirements.

Startup Development Program

Hanhai Studio’s Startup Development Program has been designed to shape a startup’s visibility for funding and other opportunities in China. Companies chosen for the program are typically in the early or seed stage of funding, and still in the process of developing infrastructure. The goal of the program is to strengthen and practice pitch skills, refine business goals, and prepare startups for future stages of funding and opportunities. If a startup is able to progress in its development, it will have an opportunity to graduate to the ACE Program in the future.

In May 2017, Hanhai Studio took 10 startups in the program to China on a five-city tour of Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, and Hangzhou. They participated in pitch competitions, roadshows, cultural activities, and met with potential stakeholders to discuss their projects and explore funding.

This program looks to identify the next hot tech project while still in its infancy stages.