The ACE program is a cross-border acceleration program for successful US companies to expand into the Chinese market, organized by Hanhai Studio.

The US-Chengdu ACE Program is launched by the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Hanhai Studio, to attract outstanding US high-growth enterprises to Chengdu and provide a free cross-border acceleration program and a low cost and efficient one-stop platform for companies interested in developing in the Chinese market.

The ACE program will provide companies access to industrial resources, venture capital, talent, and preferential policy in Chengdu. Led by the Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the companies in the ACE Program will receive government grants, working space, cloud service, and other benefits if they decide to land in Chengdu after program conclusion.

Chengdu, one of the most important cities in western China, is also known as the Creative Industry Center of the region. It has well-developed software, games, animation, digital media, information technology, aviation and other cultural and technological industries – similar to the Los Angeles ecosystem – making it an ideal destination for US companies to enter the Chinese market.



1.Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, China

The Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone was established in 1988, and approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of national high-tech industrial development zones in 1991. It was listed among the first batch of “World-Class High-Tech Development Zones in China” in 2016, and officially approved in June 2015 to be a National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. With a planning area of 130 km2, CDHT is divided into the south (87 km2) and the west park (43 km2). CDHT upholds the tenet of “developing high technology, and achieving industrialization,” strives to promote the development of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, and has become the most powerful and influential high-tech industry development zone in China. In 2016, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone achieved industrial added value of 143.65 billion with an 8.5% annual growth rate, completed fixed assets investment 63.67 billion with a 15.3% annual growth rate; total import and export volume of 171.19 billion with a 19.2% annual growth rate; full caliber industrial output value of nearly 388 billion. Plus, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone has 5200 more scientific and technological enterprises with a 72.75% annual growth rate, accounting for 43% of the total new technology enterprises in Chengdu in 2016. As a city with more than 3,000 years of history and culture, Chengdu has rich cultural creativity, but also has a number of cultural and creative companies and industrial parks. In 2015, the added value of cultural industries in Chengdu reached 56.7 billion yuan, accounting for about 5% of GDP in Chengdu.

2.Hanhai Studio

Hanhai Studio is a cross-border entertainment technology accelerator specializing in the US-China landscape. Established in January 2015 in Burbank, California, Hanhai Studio aims to create a zero-distance platform between Chinese creative companies and Hollywood through consultative services, training, resources matching, and investment. Hanhai Studio is a joint venture of Hanhai Holdings, Xinhua Mobile Television and Tsinghua University Planning and Design Institute for Creative Industries. Hanhai Studio specializes in connecting companies internationally through the platform in creative production, animation, and technologies.



1. Qualifications

High-growth companies registered in U.S. or China.

Companies with completed business plan and demonstrated market success.

Companies specializing in the following areas: Entertainment Technology, Creative Technology, Animation and Gaming, Advertisement Technology, Digital Media, Information Technology or Artificial Intelligence.

Companies currently in Series A financing stage or later, or matured company.

Seeking expansion into China.


2. Eligibility:  Your company should…

Have core technology or intellectual property.

Have complete team structure.

Have a completed business plan, a tested model and marketing strategies.

Be ready to expand internationally.


    Please send the required application materials as attachments via email or Phone.

Subject: Application for ACE Program

Email: application@hanhaistudio.com

Phone: +1 (747) 477-1388

 REQUIREMENTS:  Application materials should include:

  1. Project manager and coordinator’s name, title, and phone number.
  2. Full business plan:
  • basic information of the company,
  • management team,
  • core product or service,
  • industry and market analysis,
  • business model and marketing strategy,
  • progress of implementation.


    The ACE Program consists of five parts:Company Evaluation, Company Meeting, Chengdu Evaluation, Preparation Period, ACE Program in Chengdu.

  1. Company Evaluation: We will view materials, research projects and market potential.
  2. Company Meeting: Key players will meet with evaluation team.
  3. Chengdu Evaluation: Chengdu will match resources in China.
  4. Preparation Period: 01/2018 to 03/2018: one-to-one project research, evaluation of needs; identify Chinese resources and potential partners, including companies, government and capital resources.
  5. ACE Program in Chengdu: companies will be approved to attend the 2-week program in Chengdu in May 2018.



    Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Hanhai Studio will provide companies with free cross-border acceleration services in addition to the entry in the ACE Program, where travel and accommodations are included.

Cross-border acceleration services:

2018.5: Two-week ACE Program, including:

  1. Marketing and industry: Chinese market analysis, identifying potential business partners, visiting companies in your industry in Chengdu, providing potential customer network and meet-and-greet events.
  2. Talent acquisition: Chengdu talent analysis, industry talent meet-and-greet, tour of local universities.
  3. Chinese policy and business development: National and Local Policy training; Chengdu policies.
  4. Corporate incentives and business development: Local and National Grants overview/identification; matching incentive policies for launch in Chengdu; reduced rent and/or complimentary office space.
  5. Capital: Private investment identification/opportunities; government funds and grants identification. Matching financial institutions and banking services.
  6. Culture: Learning Chengdu culture; experience local attractions, food, and lifestyle.